50A brushless wheelchair robot scooter dc motor joystick controller with electromagentic brake pps-16

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50A Good quality brushless scooter robot wheelchair dc motor joystick controller with electromagentic brake

50A Good quality brushless scooter wheelchair dc motor joystick controller 

with electromagentic brake


It can control two motors at the same time!

Power voltage:DC24V

Working voltage:DC18V-28V

Max voltage:DC38V

PWM frequency:19.5KHZ

Brake voltage:DC6V-24V

Brake current:max: 1A  minimun:0.1A (single)

Max charging current:12A

Max working current:50A

Use environment temperature:-25------ +50

Storage temperature:-40------ +65

Humidity level:IPX4

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EMC test:

         Magnetic susceptibility:in the 30v/m EN12184 and in accordance with ANSI/RESNA requirements

         Electro magnetic radiatio:according to the EN55022 B

         ESD:IEC801 the second part ESD:IEC801

Contains inverse electro magnetic brake function,The brake circuit automatic detection function.

This is a novel and innovative brushless electric wheelchair intelligent controller.

Let the user smoothly and free heart through the control panel and joystick to manipulate wheelchair (360 degrees) movement in any directions.

The brushless control system adopts controller drives that programmable computer chips as the center

to make the two brushless dc motor with different speed and direction,

In order to wheelchair reach to any direction of movement,

let users really feel the power of perfect control through the fingers.

Brushless electric wheelchair intelligent controller consists of two parts,

The upper part composed of rocker and switch button,

The operation of the whole system is very simple,

Easy to grasp.Brushless control system is more efficiency with lower noise,

Stronger climbing ability than brushed control system.because brushless motor without carbon brush to wear,

So the life of brushless motor is more longer.















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