brushed printed winding dc motor 154SN 56w-250w

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brushed printed winding dc motor 154SN Voltage:12v-36v Power Rate:56w-250w

brushed printed winding dc motor 154SN

The printed winding dc motor has many advantages that contain small axial size, high power volume, wide speed range, high linearity, moment of inertia of small, large output torque, stable running. The printed winding dc motor has reliable performance, advanced technical indicators.Our printed winding dc motor has been used in robots, numerical control machine tool, tobacco machinery, automatic welding machine, automatic winding machine and navigation, tracking, artillery, radar and other modern high precision variable speed drive. The printed winding dc motor also can be used for matching to different models of tachometers, optical encoder. Our printed winding dc motor is widely used in electric bicycle and power wheelchair and electric mobility scooter and others electric vehicle as a driver.

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